Civil law

The Law Office represents the Clients in the civil law proceedings in the broad sense, including:

  • law of succession: proceedings related to the ascertainment of acquisition, inheritance division, disinheritance, assertion for the invalidity of the will, proceedings concerning legitim, proceedings related to the execution of the legacy and testamentary arrangements, will contracts,
  • property rights: proceedings related to the ownership right, the dissolution of co-ownership, the acquisition of property by prescription, property protection, vindictive and restitution suits, limited property rights, easement, perpetual usufruct, occupancy, pledge, collateral, settlement of expenditures incurred on real property, disturbance of possession cases, compensation for non-contract use of real property alloted for electric poles, interconnection power lines and other infrastructure,
  • real estate register proceedings,
  • laws of obligations: assertion of claims resulting from defaulting contract obligations and improper performance of obligations undertaken in the contracts entered into in business trading and consumer trading, guaranty and warranty claims, assertion of claims resulting from tortious acts,
  • personal interests protection,
  • enforcement proceedings: the enforcement of the property and non-property claims, bankruptacy and third party protection in the enforcements proceedings, actio Pauliana,  security on the debtor's property (established) in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • media law,