Investment and construction process

As part of the Law Office’s activities, we provide legal services to the investment process, advising clients at every stage of the investment.

We offer:

- analysis of the legal status of real estate with the specification of potential investment risk (due diligence),

- developing agreements regarding legal organizational forms of the implemented investment,

- preparation of contracts necessary for the investment and construction process, such as: construction works contract (including general contract and subcontracting contract), development contract, investment replacement contract, design work contract, investor supervision contract and consortium agreement,

- representation before administrative authorities in obtaining decisions on building conditions, building permit decisions and other administrative decisions related to land use planning law, environmental protection law and construction law,

- assistance in developing the concept of external financing of investments and in the selection of appropriate safeguards required by the lessor,

- representing various participants of the construction process in disputes regarding their mutual settlements,

- legal support in the commercialization process of the completed construction project and preparation of relevant contracts with buyers, service providers, tenants, architects or property managers.